At Rainroom Essentials we use only quality ingredients that are selected with much more than price in mind. 
In fact price is the very last thing we look at. We source our ingredients from reputable suppliers we trust. 
When possible we seek out local, organic ingredients. Each ingredient is selected for specific qualities that 
include how it will lather and what it does for the skin. Please note not every ingredient listed below is in every 
bar; please read the ingredients for the bar you are purchasing to see what it contains. We strive to include as much ingredient information 
as possible for each of our products on the individual labeling. Special items like beer or coffee are listed on the label.  

Base Oils and Butters
We use recipes that use a mix of vegetable oils, butters and waxes. A few soaps contain beef tallow, that we render ourselves,  as this adds very special properties to the soaps that have this ingredient.  We love the conditioning properties of olive oil, organic shea, mango and coco butter. We 
use organic coconut oil for the wonderful lathering properties it brings.  Our palm and shea butter are responsibly harvested and are purchased from a supplier who participates in Fair Trade to ensure workers receive a fair wage.

Essential Oils
We use therapeutic grade essential oils in many of our soaps.  Essential oils are distilled from the leaves, stems, bark and other plant parts.  It takes many pounds of plant material to extract even a few ounces of their essence.   

We use essential oils to add a natural scent to some of our soaps.  Each oil is researched to ensure that we use only safe amounts in our products.  Generally, we use a  traditional "hot process" method to ensure that the essential oils are not altered by the soponification process.  
If you desire a scented all natural bar look for soap that uses essential oils
Fragrance Oils
We do not consider fragrance oil a natural ingredient as it is made in a laboratory.  The very best thing about fragrance oil is that it can be made into wonder scents that you could never find in nature!  So, we make sure we get Phthalate free, formaldehyde free skin safe fragrances that are recommended for use in soap and cosmetics.  Though we can not call a soap all natural when using one of these fragrances, we still strive to use the safest products we can find.

 We use only cosmetic grade clays in our products.  
These clays add color and exfoliation properties to our soap and a nice "slip" for our 
shaving bars.
Honey and Bee's Wax
We are privileged to use locally harvested honey and bee's wax.
Colloidal Oats
 This product is used for its exfoliation properties.

 These are often added as a natural colorant.  When possible we obtain organic ingredients of this nature.
Though these are minerals and one might consider them natural, 
they are processed to be safe for use in cosmetics and therefore, are not natural in our opinion. These wonderful colorants are approved for use in the cosmetic and soap industry and provide wonderful colors.  So we get the best quality we can and use them in our artisan bars.