Gohtu Soap - Unscented bar with Honey Oats & Goats Milk


This all natural bar is literally our go to bar for those with super sensitive skin.  Our experience has led us to believe that if you have sensitive skin going without a fragrance in your soap may be very helpful.  So for our friends with skin that needs the gentlest of care we recommend this unscented soap bar that still contains the great mix of oils and butters that create a soap that is non drying.  Now we want to be sure you understand we are not sure what your situation is so always follow your care providers advice but if you can use soap but tend to have problems with fragrances then this may be the bar for you.  It has Olive, Palm & Coconut Oils, with other such goodies as shea butter, glycerin, honey, colloidal oats, goats milk and vitamin E.